Friday, November 5, 2010

On the usefulness of news feeds, changedetection, google scholar et al.

Yesterday Ola Svensson published on his web page a new paper "Santa Claus Schedules Jobs on Unrelated Machines". I know that because of, a service, sending me a message everytime the site I subscribed on has changed.

Also yesterday, I got feeds from Terence Tao's blog on "self-defeating object" argument.

Now when I know the title of the new paper by Ola, I can subscribe on it in Google Scholar, and get messages on new papers anytime Scholar has indexed them.

Thus, net provides plenty of possibilities to anyone ready to embark on studying more deeply such subject as mathematics.

What I especially appreciate in studying is that you never know everything in your area (if you do then this area is unnaturaly restricted). Now when I started my third PhD year, it seems to me I started to see what will be in my thesis.

Recently I opened interesting for me relation between graph coloring problems and packing problems. First of all, it concerns the relation between coloring of interval graphs and bin packing.